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The Mission of LLR is to give a Top Tier Platform for online battlers. It is also fueled by the music of the artists and producers as an avenue to promote themselves, as well as network, and increase the number of plays in their online streams. Here at Living-Legends Rap we recognize talent and in the words of the great philosopher Sean “puffy” Combs “Everybody has their time to shine”.


If you don’t have a name for yourself or a buzz we would like to assist you and take part in your musical growth to push you further along in your journey. Whether you’re a battler/artist/musician/Dj/engineer, etc. just know your talents will not be overlooked.


Future competitions, tournaments, cash prizes, and promotional tools will be used to help advance our members. As the people will always decide who their favorite artist is, we will keep an open ear on who’s gonna be the next big thing to pop in this new generation!


If you’re not growing as a community you’re failing to advance and keep up with the times. Hip-Hop is continuing to evolve and people respect lyricists as much as an artist with an original sound. So as we get started, we will only be as successful as our members who contribute their talents and push the movement further. So I invite you to be apart of an experience unparalleled to any platform out there! We are…..Living-LegendsRap.Com



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  1. SomeOne Help Me Register ”’I’m a Newbee Here

  2. Great things are being done here props…

    #TSE #RR #TFPG

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